Innovation that delivers value

As the HVAC industry evolves, so does the need to innovate. By constantly introducing competitive technologies and systems, Optimum Air extends the value delivered to customers – with proven savings, fast return on investment and real-time results.

Energy Audits

Optimum Air has in-house audit capabilities. We use our own internal resources to carry out electrical and other system logging associated with the audits. As an experienced installation contractor, we can ensure that any Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are accurately costed and are practical to implement.

Building Optimisation & Retro-commissioning

Moving away from former ways of managing building equipment – building optimisation is about combining HVAC systems in a way that optimises both their operation as well as the energy use required. Through methods of software innovation, recommissioning and mechanical upgrades, an holistic approach is the essence of what makes building optimisation a lucrative approach to building management.

NABERS Assessments & Improvement Plans

Optimum Air has its own accredited NABERS Assessors that can carry out audits on Energy, Water for Office buildings, Hotels and Retail. We can also provide NABERS improvement plans that provide the roadmap to take the client’s building from a low rating to the required level for the building’s market, providing a complete end-to-end solution from initial assessment through to planning, implementation and re-assessment.

System Design & Heat Load Estimation

Our designers are trained to ‘system check’, to design and construct including heat load estimating. To aid this process, the use of engineering software is used to increase accuracy and efficiency. Programs such as Right-Suite Universal (ASHRAE endorsed product), Hourly Analysis (most commonly used), and HVAC Solutions.


Design / Drafting

With vast industry based experience, the drafting department is built of qualified and highly competent draftspersons. Utilising the latest Building Design Suite from Autodesk, extra services we offer include copying whole building services drawing archives, reproduction of whole building “As-Built” services drawings to new updated electronic CAD drawings, while storing drawings off-site, providing access for the client anytime.

System Integration

As building equipment and systems evolve, so does the necessity to manage these in a way that integrates rather than complicate. With the main aim being consolidation of multiple disparate systems into a single platform, System Integration allows back-end office systems to run side-by-side adding easy access to control and report on these systems.

Measurement & Verification

Energy Efficiency is not something that can be directly measured. Proving the savings is about accurately estimating the energy consumed before you implemented the project and comparing with your actual energy usage after implementation. We can accurately measure the ‘avoided energy use’ if it’s done the correct way. Optimum Air has Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals (CMVP) who can carry our M&V to best practices (IMPVP) and ISO standards.

Eddy Current Testing

High risk faults can occur if left un-detected, a pro-active approach to testing can help reduce the cost and chances of any unplanned lengthy shutdown, or worse. Most manufacturers recommend testing of the vessel tubes at a minimum basis of every 3 years. Our trained personnel carry testing out to the industry standard ECUTEC system.

Independent Commissioning Agents (ICA)

Optimum Air’s in-house commissioning department can provide ICA for GreenStar projects. Our analytics technology can also be used as a continuous validation tool as part of GreenStar.


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