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Certified Tridium Systems Integrator

As trusted members of the Niagara community, with factory trained personnel the Optimum Air Controls team are able to redefine what is possible when integrating disparate technologies in buildings. See how this technology enables entire buildings to constantly improve operation, efficiency and innovation by consolidating multiple systems into a single platform.

Customised Energy Efficient Solutions

Our in-house software development team gives us an ability to design according to existing infrastructure, giving rise to very few limitations.

A key driving force behind Controls & Automation is the capacity to hone in on useful data and exploit the advantages this provides, such as automated alerts and fault detection. The majority of our technologies can be accessed via the web, allowing a seamless integration with our clients and responding to calls and diagnosing faults almost immediately.


Centralised Technical Advice and Local Project Management

The Controls team has experts across many fields, primarily at our head office, specifically trained in the technologies we have adopted.

With branches across the nation, we assign the right technical staff to your project, while maintaining in-house expertise from your local office.

Industry Leading Integrations

Optimum Air is an officially appointed New Zealand distributor of PlantPRO, the industry-leading, award-winning plant room optimisation platform.

In partnership with Schneider Electric, Optimum Air offers the full range of Schneider Electric products including Schneider Electric’s intelligent energy management system EcoStuxure™.


eValuate is an Enterprise solution in Capital Asset Management that strategically manages the identification, life cycle and capital expenditure planning of building assets using benchmarked processes and industry-leading practices.


eValuate improves the planning of BMS assets, such as servers, software, management and field-level controllers, by providing a detailed analysis of these assets in order to develop a detailed service, maintenance and capital replacement plan.


Find out more

Contact your local Optimum Air branch for more details.

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