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Optimum Fire

Optimum Fire is an Essential Safety Measures (ESM) solution that complements Optimum Air’s range of products and services.

Essential Safety Measures are an important, ongoing regulatory requirement for building owners, with all public buildings obligated to ensure regular maintenance.

Optimum Fire ensures buildings remain at the required operational level throughout their life, helping owners navigate through the complexities and multitude of various components, ensuring full compliance with New Zealand standards.

Essential Safety Measures

The ultimate responsibility of ensuring that all Essential Safety Measures are being correctly maintained and managed lies with the Building Owner – not their agent nor tenant.

The maintenance of Essential Safety Measures ensure that the important safety systems within a building remain at the required operational level throughout the life of the building. The type of maintenance that is needed will depend on the complexity of the safety measures, the equipment, as well as the maintenance program required under the relevant standards.


Delivering a Client-focused Solution

Our fully qualified technicians provide a wide range of specialised industries with complete ESM services, designed to meet the specific needs of your building.

Fully Qualified Staff and Technicians

Optimum Fire employ our own Account Managers and Technicians nationally to manage your comprehensive maintenance needs across Fire Sprinklers, Alarm Systems and Portable Equipment.

We provide end-to-end Consulting and Auditing who look after Building Permits, Certifications and Fire Safety and System Audits on your behalf.

Our Specialist Technicians are expertly trained in Gaseous Systems, Wet Chemical and Vortex management, meaning we’re complete experts in this area.

With in-house, fully trained technicians, we ensure your Fire and Smoke Doors, Building Elements and Paths of Egress are all up to legal standard.


Find out more

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