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Ultraviolet Technology Solutions

Improving Indoor Air Quality 

Promoting Sustainability 

Reducing Energy Consumption

Instituting Green Building Solutions

Advanced UV Technology for Eliminating Airborne Pathogens, Bacteria & Viruses

Ultraviolet technology for a healthier, safer, cleaner, 

and more energy efficient building environment

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) directly affects our wellbeing, productivity, and happiness, whether at school, work or during our leisure time. Healthy IAQ is essential as we may spend more than 90% of our time indoors.

A simple, yet very effective way to improve building IAQ is through the application of ultraviolet (UV) light technology. This energy efficient technology is a well proven solution for removing pollutants associated with poor indoor air quality such as bacteria, viruses, mould, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and strong odours.

Coil Cleaning Systems

Healthy Air Supply 

UV energy destroys bacteria and mold that grow on the moist coil and drain pan surfaces eliminating “blow-off” of these into the air supply. This ensures that clean airflow is cooled by the coil without cross contamination.

Better Comfort

Coil disinfection prevents biofilm accumulation on fins resulting in effective heat transfer with better temperature and humidity control.

Energy Savings 

Maintaining a coil free of microbial growth will maximize coil heat transfer efficiency and reduce energy consumption up to 15% in some systems.

Reduced Maintenance Cost and 

Less Downtime 

UV energy ensures the cooling coil remains clean at all times, eliminating

costly coil cleaning maintenance and reducing system downtime.


V-MAX™ Grid for Coil

Typical installation in a 

roof-mounted AHU

Air Disinfection Systems
Kill Airborne Pathogens 24/7


Provide Healthy Indoor Air

UV disinfection reduces airborne infectious microorganisms that can cause the spread of illness and decreases instances of people becoming sick due to contamination by microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

Better Patient Outcomes in Hospitals

Assists in reducing HAIs (Hospital-Acquired Infections) when air disinfection and surface disinfection systems are used together.

Reduced Sick Days 

Healthy indoor air helps minimize absenteeism and increases employee comfort and productivity.

Save Energy and Money 

Air Purification Systems
Eliminate VOCs and Odors

Positive Impact on Occupant Health

Removes interior and exterior gaseous pollution sources such as tobacco smoke, cleaning solvents, off-gassing from building materials, human metabolic by-products, vehicle exhaust, paint fumes, jet fumes, manufacturing process emissions, and agriculture process emissions that

cause illnesses.


Chemical-free and, unlike other air purification technologies, does not produce ozone.

Saves Energy

Reduces make-up air requirements for dilution and has low power consumption.

V-PAC™ System

Typical installation 

in the coil section 

of an AHU

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