As New Zealand’s population ages, hospitals and aged care facilities are coming

under increasing pressure to meet the needs of our growing communities.


The Healthcare sector is a particularly energy-intensive industry. Optimum Air has long

been instrumental in reducing the energy consumption and associated costs at facilities we maintain and manage.


Providing a Comfortable 

and Safe Environment


Optimum Air understands the importance and focus 

placed on ensuring the comfort and safety of patients

and staff alike, whilst optimising operational efficiency.


Recognising the complex and critical healthcare 

environment, Optimum Air offers the technical capability 

to deliver planned service and maintenance programs, 

as well as testing and validations services, designed

around the pillars of compliance, hygiene, system 

performance, safety and reliability. 

Features of our Healthcare offering:

UV Lighting Disinfection 



The deployment and treatments delivered by UV-C technology eliminates your HVAC systems as a potential source of coronavirus infection. With a 98%+ kill rate of coronavirus, the added benefit in a well designed UV-C application is the continuous cleaning of cooling and heating coils, with a resultant decrease in pressure drop

and a subsequent reduction in fan energy consumption.

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