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Buildings generate thousands of data points every day.


Optimum Air is transforming the way maintenance is performed using the power of data by using it to improve the way your building operates. 


By combining 30 years of experience in service and maintenance with data analytics, traditional approaches are incorporated with the latest technologies, resulting in a powerful solution called Intelligent Maintenance.

Intelligent Maintenance - Data, Action, Value

Intelligent Maintenance vs Traditional Maintenance

In contrast to traditional maintenance - where an asset or component is attended to on a scheduled-calendar basis, Intelligent Maintenance by Optimum Air provides maintenance to assets and associated components at the most cost-effective point in time, while maintaining reliability and ensuring peak performance.

Intelligent Maintenance is powered by data. Data is collected from a building, where it is analysed, prioritised and actioned. When combined with the Intelligent Maintenance analytics platform, the data provides a continuous stream of actionable intelligence. 

Using sophisticated data analytics and corresponding platforms and processes that streamline maintenance and reactive service calls, Intelligent Maintenance identifies the potential of an asset or component to fail. By analysing the large amounts of data generated by the building, the platform continually identifies faults and inefficiencies in the operation and condition of the buildings operation.

Once a fault has been determined, the Intelligent Maintenance platform then directs Optimum Air technicians via smartphone notifications to diagnose and manage repairs proactively, before the issue becomes a critical issue or tenant complaint.


Benefits of Intelligent Maintenance


Intelligent Maintenance improves the effectiveness of maintenance by evaluating the condition of assets and components through periodic and continuous condition monitoring in order to direct maintenance activities, ensuring the building achieves peak performance on a continual basis.


Intelligent Maintenance reduces costs, improves building operations and results in happier tenants.

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Benefits of Intelligent Maintenance by Optimum Air

Peak Performance

Intelligent Maintenance improves the effectiveness of maintenance through continuous condition monitoring


Reduced Costs

This data-driven approach to maintenance ensures assets and components operate to peak performance

Improved Building Operations

Directed maintenance activities are fully driven by data and the Intelligent Maintenance analytics platform

Happier Tenants

By proactively managing repairs and complaints, there is not downtime or interruptions to building operations

Data and Analytics alone isn’t value. Action is value.

Intelligent Maintenance is a service and maintenance solution using the combined power of Data, Analytics and Action.

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