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New Zealand's growing urban population continues to place greater demands on our transportation infrastructure. The ability for services supporting this infrastructure to remain operational is critical.


Additionally, transportation infrastructure is one of the most energy-intensive sectors we provide services to. Optimum Air has long been a company that has been instrumental in reducing the energy consumption and associated costs at sites we maintain and manage.


Important considerations for our clients in the transportation industry include:

  • maximising plant efficiency and energy use

  • compliance with regulatory standards and codes

  • cost reductions through improved efficiency and minimisation of interruptions.

  • improvement reviews as an ongoing process

  • workplace safety, for Optimum Air staff, customer’s representatives, general public and site visitors.


Whether it’s at a local, regional or national level, Optimum Air provides technical services to key transportation infrastructure around the country – from rail, road, air and water. Our expertise in controls and automation, combined with our technical knowledge, reduces service interruption, improves operational efficiency and ensures standards and regulatory obligations

are met.


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