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Data Centres

New Zealand's data centre environment is rapidly evolving as our appetite for technology creates more data. In fact, such is the growth of data centres globally that some predict the ICT industry will consume as much as 20 percent of the world's electricity supply within the next five years.


Among the key drivers we see in the data centre market are energy efficient cooling, such as free cooling, and a reduction in capital cost.


Features of our
Data Centre offering:

Providing an efficient 

and reliable environment


Optimum Air understands the mission critical role that data centres perform, and the significant energy penalty associated with their function. We have a strong track record in delivering technical services that deliver measurable improvements in energy efficiency, plant and equipment reliability and operating costs.

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Ventilation and 



Considered vital in providing healthy spaces within facilities, 

ventilation strategies, such as demand control ventilation (DCV) can ensure humidity is kept at the ideal range. Through

multi-faceted sensor technologies and existing BMS control algorithms, DCV strategies are further enhanced by actively monitoring key contaminants that vary the amount of ventilation air in order to meet pre-determined optimal dilution levels, ensuring occupant safety and comfort.

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