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Project Overview

100 Queen Street is an iconic commercial office building in the heart of Melbourne’s commercial and financial district. As one of the flagship corporate bases of ANZ, 100 Queen Street comprises 37 floors and was constructed in 1993 to complement the restoration of the heritage-listed former Melbourne Stock Exchange and ES&A Bank buildings.


The HVAC systems at 100 Queen Street employ four chillers with a total capacity of 5,090kW as well as corresponding water pumps totaling over 200kW. The cooling tower fans have a total of 29kW.


Airmaster have been conducting HVAC service and maintenance at 100 Queen Street on behalf of JLL, ANZ’s Integrated Facilities Management partner since 2006. Continued identification of energy reduction initiatives resulted in the recommendation of plant room optimisation solution PlantPRO to complement further efficiencies through planned chiller replacement works.

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