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Optimum Air Achieves SiteWise Gold Status: Upholding Excellence in Health and Safety Standards

Optimum Air has achieved SiteWise Gold status, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and safety standards.

SiteWise, a New Zealand, national, online health and safety prequalification system, simplifies the contractor selection process for clients and principal organisations, serving as a comprehensive tool for evaluating a company's capabilities and procedures within this scope.

Optimum Air's full score of 100% in this assessment is a testament to our meticulous health and safety policies, effective hazard management, comprehensive training programs, and proactive engagement with employees and subcontractors.

Scott Finn, General Manager for Optimum Air acknowledges the significance of this achievement.

“SiteWise Gold certification isn't only a badge of honour; it represents Optimum Air's determination to retaining the very best requirement of safety, reliability, and performance in our operations” stated Scott.
“We’re proud to display SiteWise Gold and are proud of our wider team for their unwavering focus on health and safety, allowing us to accomplish this outstanding ranking.”

To achieve a SiteWise rating, Contractors complete a detailed 12-step questionnaire, which is meticulously assessed by a team of qualified health and safety professionals. The resulting percentage score is then published in the SiteWise contractor database, accessible to main contractors and principal organisations who have signed up to use SiteWise.

This streamlined system enables efficient tendering processes, allowing stakeholders to view all prequalification results in one place, create shortlists based on health and safety assessments, and assess contractor performance across various worksites.

Optimum Air's SiteWise Gold status is a testament to the company’s alignment with Site Safe’s vision – to enhance health and safety performance, ensuring that every worker returns home safely at the end of the day.


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